Kim Beer Photography | About
I have been a photographer since age 13 (actually before, but you wouldn't want to see my "early" work) when I bought my first SLR 35mm camera. Horses were among my first subjects -- and, ironically, I earned the money to buy that first camera by working a colt for my mother. I have been a professional photographer since 1996 when I put out my shingle under Midnight Productions, Inc. Since then I've had the privilege of traveling all over the country shooting photos of horses and people and other animals (and Indian ruins and abandoned stuff if you want to get technical). I also volunteer as a photographer for various rescues and shelters. Check out the KCMO Shelter and Special Projects under the Galleries drop down menu to see some of my volunteer work. No matter what I'm photographing, I enjoy every minute I spend behind the lens!!

Some of my awards include:
Purchase Award for "Rein Vision" Missouri State Fair
Honorable Mention "Sherman's Paycheck"
EPNet 2005 5th Place "The Morning Gather" EPNet 2010
First Place "Cowgirl Kiss" Midwest Horse Fair Photo Contest 2010
First Place "The Morning Gather" Midwest Horse Fair Photo Contest 2010
First Place "Cowgirl Kiss" Western States Horse Expo Art Contest
I'm always happy to discuss photography, so if you have a questions, feel free to ask!